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Hello Future Pilots!  

Flying an airplane is fun, adventurous, challenging, educational… and much more!  

 There are many reasons people learn how to fly: 

* Aviation Career- There is always a demand for well-trained pilots

* Travel- Fly to where you want on your own schedule

* Volunteer- Missionary work, transport nonemergency patients, or Civil Air Patrol

* Fun- Meet up with friends for lunch at an airport restaurant

There are many concerns people have about learning to fly: 

*Safety- A Flight Instructor’s number one job is safety

*Difficultness- Nearly every person can learn to fly if they put in the effort (you can solo at age 16 and be a private pilot at age 17)

*Health- There is a physical required (a major health issue will be evaluated by the Civil Aeronautical Medical Institute)

*Cost- Private Pilot Certificate costs between $7,000 to $8,500. This includes plane rental, training, gear, books and training cd’s

*Time- Three lessons per week is ideal.  More is better. Each lesson takes about 2hours.

What are the rewards?

*It improves all aspects of your life: Self-confidence, Judgment, Communication, Decision making skills, just to name a few.

*It is an incredible amount of fun!

The best part is you can start lessons and try it, pay as you go along. 

For more information or to schedule an introductory flight call Betty at FlyMax Aviation (608) 214-5616