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Is it safe?

Safety is the number one priority in flight training.  Safety procedures are taught from day one to the student pilot.  All aircraft are maintained to strict standards.  Aircraft activity is closely regulated so that the highest degree of safety is the normal practice. 

How long does it take to learn? 

For the private pilot certificate, 40 hours is the required flight time (50 is closer to the average).  This can be accomplished between 4 to 6 months depending on how frequently you are able to schedule lessons.  Three to four lessons per week is recommended.  

What happens at a lesson? 

Before the flight there will be a briefing about the lesson of the day.  This will take about 15 minutes then we will preflight the aircraft.  The flight portion of the lesson is next which will last about one hour.  After the flight the post briefing will be another 10 to15 minutes. There will be time for questions you may have throughout the whole lesson. Plan to spend approximately two hours at the airport for a lesson. 

What subjects will I learn about? 

             Aerodynamics                                  Aeromedical  

             Navigation                                         Meteorology 

            Regulations                                        Airspace and Charts 

            Aircraft Systems                               Aircraft Performance 

            Airport Operations                           Radio Communications              

How much does it cost? 

Aircraft rental is $110/hour and instruction is $35/hour. There are also recommended books and gear that will cost approximately $250. 

What are the requirements for: 

Private Pilot Certificate: Enables you to carry passengers anywhere in good weather. 

   40 hours of total flight time is required including: 

     *at least 20 hours with a flight instructor 

     *at least 10 hours solo 

     *3 hours of which include instrument flying 

     *3 hours of which include night flying 

     *3 hours of which include cross country flying 

     *3 hours of which include checkride preparation 

Instrument rating: Enables the pilot to utilize instruments to fly in less than ideal weather 

   Flight Time required 

     *50 hrs Pilot In Command cross country 

     *40 hrs Simulated or actual 

     *15 hrs Instruction 

      *3 hrs Instruction within last two months 

      * 250 nm cross country IFR with 3 different approaches 

Commercial Pilot Certificate:  Enables the pilot to carry fly for hire. 

Flight time required: 

     *250 hours of flight time